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We are now starting and operating in more than 115 Countries.
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We offer beginners, independent real estate agents, independent property manager and entrepreneurs the ability to reach an increasingly competitive market, with our unique international brand in your chosen region or local market. We will support you in reaching your goals.

We do not have restrictions regarding the type of properties. This means we sell and rent each type of properties in the residential, commercial and vacation property sectors. In the same sectors we are also operating in property management. In addition we offer the services to broker financing, property insurance and property valuation.

The Franchise Partner will be an independent business owner with expertise in the real estate sector and their own market. Real Estate Matching – Real Estate Matching24 is a Franchise System that sets a framework for profitability in your regional or local market.

Combine your local knowledge with the power of a national, as well as an international, brand. We believe in constant development and improvement to support you in building and increasing your business.

Grow your Business with us. We provide the best services at par with industry standards in Business Development, Franchise Assistant, Real-Estate and Business Resale. An important and not common point is, that you can Resale your Franchise Business, for example, if you want to retire.

Our International Network

We are starting and operating in 6 continents, building a strong, tough and forward-thinking TEAM (Real Estate Agency Franchise System and Property Management Franchise System. Each with its own Strengths and Advantages. In the property market both are working together and building combined Benefits.) – with You and our Global Brand.


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You are Welcome! Send us the Region you are interested in. Start now!

We know everybody would like to go forward with their own aims and with an individual responsibility. We support this path with our global brand and with our framework as well as with no restrictions in your market.

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